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Fee Guide

Fees correct as of May 1st 2023

Treatment Private Independent
New patient consultation (includes small x-rays)   £55.00  
Routine examination (existing patients)   £35.00  
Small digital x-ray   £7.00  
30 minute hygienist visit   £60.00  
Airflow for stain removal additional to hygienist visit   £30.00  
White filling from £120.00  
Root canal treatment (single canal) from £175.00  
Root canal treatment (multiple canals) from £325.00  
Porcelain bonded crown   £550.00 £425.00
Porcelain veneer   £550.00 £425.00
Bridgework (per unit)   £550.00 £425.00
All ceramic crown   £750.00 £575.00
Laboratory made cast post/core   £150.00 £125.00
Professional tooth whitening-Home kit   £340.00  
Boutique whitening from £395.00  
Enlighten whitening from £495.00  
Simple extraction from £90.00  
Complex extraction from £175.00  
Acrylic denture   £525.00 £380.00
Chrome denture   £995.00 £785.00
Sports Gum Shield   £140.00  
Nightguard   £140.00  
Invisalign Consultation from £55.00  
Invisalign Treatment (per arch) from £2,000.00  
Implants Private Independent
Implant Consultation   £55.00  
Single tooth implant including crown from £2,400.00  
Bone Augmentation from £495.00  
Socket Preservation   £320.00  
Implant retained 3 unit bridge   £4,750.00  
Anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) Private Independent
Consultation   £55.00  
1 area   £200.00  
2 areas   £250.00  
3 areas   £300.00  
Dermal Fillers from £280.00  


Fees correct as of

Band 1 course of treatment:

  • Clinical examination, case assessment and report
  • Orthodontic case assessment and report
  • Advice, dental charting, diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Radiographic examination, including panoral and lateral headplates, and radiological report
  • Study casts including in association with occlusal analysis
  • Colour photographs
  • Instruction in the prevention of dental and oral disease including dietary advice and dental hygiene instruction
  • Surface application as primary Preventative measures of sealants and topical fluoride preparations
  • Scaling, polishing and marginal correction of fillings
  • Taking material for pathological examination
  • Adjustments to and easing of dentures or orthodontic appliances
  • Treatment of sensitive cementum

Band 2 course of treatment:

  • Non-surgical periodontal treatment including root-planing, deep scaling, irrigation of periodontal pockets and subgingival curettage and all necessary scaling and polishing
  • Surgical periodontal treatment, including gingivectomy, gingivoplasty or removal of an operculum
  • Surgical periodontal treatment, including raising and replacement of a mucoperiostal flap, curettage, root planning and bone resection
  • Free gingival grafts
  • Permanent fillings in amalgam, composite resin, synthetic resin, glass ionomer, compomers, silicate or silico-phosphate, including acid etch retention
  • Sealant restorations
  • Endodontic treatment of permanent or retained deciduous teeth
  • Pulpotomy
  • Apicectomy
  • Extraction of teeth
  • Transplantation of teeth
  • Oral surgery including surgical removal of cyst, buried root, unerupted tooth, impacted tooth or exostosed tooth and alveolectomy
  • Soft tissue surgery in relation to the buccal cavity and lips
  • Frenectomy, frenoplasty, frenotomy
  • Relining and rebasing dentures including soft linings
  • Addition of tooth, clasp, labial or buccal flange to dentures
  • Splints (other than laboratory fabricated splints) in relation to periodontally compromised teeth and in connection with external trauma
  • Bit raising appliances (other than laboratory fabricated appliances)

Band 3 course of treatment:

  • Laboratory fabricated porcelain or composite veneers, including acid etch retention
  • Inlays, pinlays, onlays and palatal veneers, in alloys containing 60% or more fine gold, porcelain, composite resin and ceramics
Crowns including any pin or post aids to retention:
  • Full or three-quarter crown cast in alloys containing not less than 33⅓% fine gold or platinum or palladium
  • Full or jacket crown cast in alloys containing stainless steel or cobalt chromium or nickel chromium
  • Crown in porcelain, synthetic resin and other non-metallic crowns
  • Full or jacket crowns in alloys containing not less than 33⅓% fine gold or platinum or palladium, or alloys containing stainless steel or cobalt chromium or nickel chromium, with thermally bonded porcelain
  • Jacket crown thermally bonded to wrought platinum coping
  • Prefabricated full or jacket crown, including any pin or post retention
Bridges including any pin or post aids to retention:
  • Bridges in alloys containing 60% or more fine gold with or without thermally bonded facings
  • Bridges cast in alloys containing stainless steel, cobalt chromium or nickel chromium, with or without thermally bonded facings
  • Acid etch retained bridges
  • Bridges in other materials
  • Provision of full (completed) or partial dentures, overdentures and obturators in synthetic resin or metal or both synthetic resin and metal, including any cast or wrought metal components or aids to retention
  • Orthodontic treatment and appliances
  • Other custom made applications excluding sports guards